Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Sewing for Dolls: Holiday Sewing for Ideal Crissy Family dolls

Here is a bit of what I have been sewing this month. Dresses for the little girls--Ideal's Velvet--these are my favorites :)

You click on any photo for BIG photos :)

A two piece set inspired by boutique children's clothes. Ideal Crissy (Cheryl) and Horseman's Pert and Pretty model.

Posing at the Christmas Pageant-- hats or crazy hair required.

One pattern for all, except the elf-y dress, just different fabric and ribbons. (L-R Zoey, Annabelle, Raven and Marcia)

This mini dress was made with the tunic pattern from vintage Simplicity Crissy doll pattern 9138 view 5, only I added a bit of length.

Zoey--she looks so good in the Party City sparkly cowboy hat!

Merry Christmas!

These crowns are from Target's kid-party section and cut down to size.

Happy New Year from me and my dolls to you and yours!!!

Monday, November 25, 2013

Pretty Dolls: My Collection- Blythe and Her Clones

I Love Blythe, who does not?
Those eyes!
That expression!
Her customizable-ness! I don't really collect dolls that I don't sew for, and Blythe is too tiny for my sewing skills, patience level and rickety sewing machine. (Maybe I will try again now that I have a new machine.)
 Still, I cannot resist Blythe. I have a few Blythes in my doll collection: 3 "real" Blythes--Kenner (Thanks Sis!), an Ashton Drake and a Takara  and 3 knock-offs-- 2 Basaaks and a Belle Girl (one Middie knock off as well).
My eye-change girls. Belle Girls' eyes do not change, she has a look that I cannot quite love, but she is interesting. Not pictured is my Ashton Drake Redhead--she is in a box dissembled--I chickened out sometime ago after I took her apart, I want to customize her--someday. I am looking for a "ducky-mouth" tutorial if anyone knows of a good one.

My Middie Clone, a poor clone in that her eyes do not change and she is as cheap as they get--plus she seems a little ..well...hoochie to me, I got her cheap in an Ebay lot with her redhead sister.

 My only custom girl is a Basaak, customized by UniqueDoll on Etsy. I love her, she has oodles of personality. Every time I see her I want to give her a reassuring pat on the head.

My dolls all are wearing clothes by Ebay store Ninabella9 which make AMAZING Blythe clothes--super high quality and they always throw in freebies. They have awesome prices and fast shipping, even from Singapore. No one paid me to say that, or asked me to say that; I just find it is very rare to get such exceptional service and wanted to pass it on.

One of my new sources of doll inspiration is to search "Blythe" on Pinterest--I could live there :). Only give it a try if you have a few hours.

Saturday, November 2, 2013

BFC Ink and her Vintage Cousins

So, as promised, I am back with the BFC Ink girlies and they are trying on some clothes and wigs that belong to their vintage cousins.
I am really happy that I bought these girls; I was wavering until I saw the awesome Flickr photos of them and also read about them on the dolly blog,  Never Grow Up. The blog has some awesome photos and reviews of the BFC girls (and other many other dolls). I wish her dolls could come over and have a tea party with mine :).

 This ill-framed photo features Aliesha, (sitting) and Kaitlin in some pretty standard 11/12 wigs and some little rompers I whipped up for them.
Such pretty faces, but these wigs are a bit humdrum.

Kaitlin, channeling her inner Twiggy, models Ideal Crissy's "Turned On Mini"; it fits her perfectly. You can see the somewhat asymmetrical haircut I gave her here. All the fuzz is gone, but it is still unruly. I will have to find a wig I love before I commit to cuttting it all off though.

This dress is one I made for Ideal Velvet and is a bit short for Aliesha, but very cute with tights. I made this dress using  a vintage doll clothes pattern: Simplicty Pattern 5276 and it would be quite easy to lengthen. I really went crazy on her hair with the thinning shears--it was SO bulky!! I think she still needs more thinning and her hair is still very fried.

This chair was a candle holder, there is a spike to hold the candle sticking up in the center of the seat (OUCH!), but it helps the dolls stay in place and  it is one of my favorite props.

More Kaitlyn, trying on more clothes.

Some comparisons: L-R Bella Cathie, Hasbro Aimee and BFC Aliesha.

 L-R BFC Aliesha, Ideal Crissy, Fashion Friends Patti, Ideal Velvet. I was so surprised to see that Ideal's Crissy is actually larger that BFC Ink with a thicker waist and legs; they don't feel that way in hand. I suppose that is because the BFC dolls are such a handful to get get dressed and styled because of their multi-jointed limbs--particularity my Aleisha, she is somewhat floppy, Kaitlin is easier as she does not have elbow joints, meaning she is an older issue doll.

More Kaitlyn, wearing a Blythe wig (the bangs are way too long ) and Fashion Friends Patti's outfit.

 Aliesha, this is my favorite wig on her, perfect face framing style for such a pretty face.

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Some BFC INK Dolls Join the Collection

My new girls, BFC INK first issue Kaitlin and a later issue Aleisha "fresh" from Ebay
When BFC INK dolls first came out, I wanted one only because I hoped and hoped that her feet would be the same size as my Crissy dolls, so that Crissy could get some new shoes (they weren't).

 At the time these dolls seemed pricey to me, for mass market, at $49.99 for the deluxe set and even staying in the upper $30 range even when the boxes got smaller and they came with less. Then of course they disappeared like all other (the doll 99%) larger dolls that do not look like the American Girl dolls and while they did have additional outfits, they were cheap-o looking. So I just lost interest. 

Then I saw one on Flickr--(oh Flickr, you temptress), and really had a look at that super cute face.....after a brief internet search I discovered that there are multiple characters in this series, beside the first issue I had seen--and even twins! I love a  line that has a variety of personalities --sooooo collectible, I also discovered that they can be a bit hard to find and exorbitantly priced if you do find one, There are still cheap BFC Ink dolls to be had though, these girls each were less than $23.50 including shipping, each, in very nice condition with original clothes--and bonus--Kaitlyn had boots too.
The hair is bad news-same easily matted hair as the Teen Trends dolls have,bu t I gave both a haircut, when that gets old they will get wigs--I measured them at a 11/12 wig--same as Blythe so easy to find. Their heads are very very hard--would not want to re-root...well maybe...

Kaitlin and Aleisha get a spa day.

After their shampooing and freshening up, both girls had haircuts and nail painting--fun!
 Now I am working on some outfits--pleasant surprise that it seems they fit the same clothes all my 15-18" slender dolls can fit. These little ladies are actually taller than most of my other girls so will have to lengthen patterns for them, but that is easier than taking in or letting out patterns.

Coming up soon on the blog: BFC girls' new haircuts, BFC's trying on a variety of vintage dolls' clothes and looking adorable doing it, more odds and ends and bits of BFC information--including my BFC MOST WANTED list and I will also attempt to compile a list all the dolls and their issues...that will be a hard one...

Sunday, August 25, 2013

Lots of Dolly Make Overs

L-R Ideal Criscket, Ideal Penny Bright, Ideal Cinnamon, Mattel Scooter, Kenner Blythe (YAH!), Mattel Skipper

 I went home on vacation and my sister and my brother both had dolls for me! I honestly have the world's best family--always on the look out for dolls! These sweet dolls had been picked up at thrift stores and yard sales--and I am thinking these sales must be better in the Midwest, for dolls anyway, than here in California--I never find stuff this awesome!

Hasbro's Aimee, Ideal Velvet and Ideal Giggles

Everyone got a bubble bath...

And a hair style

These girls were easy--already had outfits for them to wear

Made an outfit for Giggles from a vintage Simplicity pattern made for her (7971, view 4) I also found her a wig on Ebay--ain't she a sweetie? I think she is one of the cutest dolls ever made.

Stay tuned for the rest of the make overs....

Sunday, July 21, 2013

Pretty Dolls: Vintage Dolls Eye Candy

L-R Fashion Friends Faith, My childhood Kerry doll--the Queen of the Dolls , Velvet "Rika" and Crissy "Annabelle"
We recently had a special visitor and many of my girls got dressed and are some photos.
L-R Lonely Lisa, Z&Z "Maisy", Furga Alta Moda Simona (platinum), Z&Z "Cherylynn", Furga Alta Moda Simona (bride), Z&Z "Karen"  (names in quotes are name I gave them)

All Ideal dolls L-R 3- Cinnamons, a Velvet, and 2 Crissys

Little Girls

More Little Ones

Two Crissys and a French Crissy by Clodrey

4 Velvets one Mia and one Fashion Friend Faith----Tragic lighting :)
Before the make overs and new shelf arrangement--some of my girls were still in their Christmas dresses!
My Shelves are actually boards that were used as packaging in a box for a crib--so--
 free and the perfect width for a doll shelf--I may paint them someday...

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Crissy's Foxy Dress

Here is a little set I recently made for my Ideal Crissy doll, Annabelle. I love the Foxy fabric--I will have to make something else too with it because I bought 1/2 yard--I usually only buy 1/4 yard or fat quarters of fabric because I get bored easily :)
Annabelle is a customized Ideal Crissy doll--she has had her eyes replaced with 13mm green Margon sleep eyes, Re-rooted with 2 Kanekalon pony tails--(the one with the big curl in the end) 1 and 1/3 were used for the re-oot--the rest is her grow hair tail, she also has repainted lashes and lips and a few freckles.

I always have a hard time with collars--this one turned out ok--it seems like it is so hard do for me to get them even.

Close up of her sleeve--I am trying to learn smocking embroidery--but my little pleats didn't seem close enough together so I just used a back stitch(orange) and cross stitch (green)  and a running stitch (red) to give the effect.

Her Bloomers--to create the two color bloomers, I just cut a shorts pattern in half longways and added room for the seams, they have an elastic casing waist and have applied elastic on the legs.

Monday, June 10, 2013

Tutorial :Reverse Engineering Doll Clothes- Moxie Teenz Gavin Pants

Do you want to make clothes for a doll that there are no commercial patterns for? Here is one way--I like to call it reverse engineering, this is where you take apart the original clothes and make patterns from them. In this tutorial I am making a pants pattern for Moxie Teen Gavin out of the pants from the shiny blue suit he came with.
On the left Gavin's sporty new pants on the right shiny blue pants.
Photo heavy tutorial after the jump.

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Giveaway: And the Winner is......

The winner of my blog giveaway drawing is.... 

Aubrey Silver 

Aubrey, contact me at cyndyanadoll @ and I will get 
your $25 Etsy gift Certificate right out to you!

A big "Thank you!!" to everyone who took the time to enter  <3
Maisy and Wren did the honors, with the help of my daughter

oops! She stuck her thumb right through the paper!

Saturday, May 4, 2013

Moxie Teenz Sewing for Gavin

I have been sewing for Moxie Teenz Gavin :)
 My patterns include Bowling shirts and Parachute pants--Gavin and his buddies have been shopping at the 80's speciality thrift store!


My newest custom Gavin--his name is Caleb!

Just chillin' with the dogs waiting for snaps to be sew on their shirts :)

I just put this on Ebay as seperates--I wonder if it will sell? I have never seen Gavin clothes for sale anywhere.

I actually went to Joann's today (COUPONS!!!) and bought only "boy" fabric--because everything I have is girly!  Boring--est shopping trip ever--I went mad for plaid though--got several and few checks and a linen with a gray stripe.
The next patterns that I am working on are PJ pants, Jeans and long sleeve shirts--like the one on Caleb.