Sunday, July 22, 2012

My Foray into Home Dec on a Budget

For my daughters birthday a few weeks ago she had asked for a room make-over. Her room had become a little hodge podge, too pink and a bit too young for her. We did this project on a budget of about $ 250 and that was mostly the bedding so I think we did pretty well. Not including the new LCD TV her Dad gave her. I wish I had taken a before photo of the room! Important thing is she loved how it turned out and it is much neater and more organized and still has all the old things she loved and could not part with and has a bit more grown up and cohesive look now. 
Great Goodwill find and as a coincidence we bought it on the customer appreciation day for 1/2 off--total $30! I loved the height and as well as providing extra storage it provides a great gaming area. I sanded and painted it.

My "helpers" Yes.....the one on the right thinks he's a supermodel :)

I needed blue art work to replace the former pink ones--cut up an old poster and a map I had around--will replace these later with some prints from Etsy. Curtains--Ross $6 for two packs of sheers and $12 for the silk panels--may have to go get another set for more fullness.

She wanted the whole room painted--but we rent, so we decided on an easy to cover stripe of paint instead

We painted the dresser with Behr "Mermaid Treasure" satin paint It turned out so much better than I thought it  would!

The "headboard" is a metal trellis from home depot  $24  (I chose it because the arrows on top are a nod to Katniss)  the shelves and brackets about $30

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Doll Kimono Dresses

Custom Ideal  Mia aka Wren

Custom Ideal Velvet aka Johnnie
This is a pattern I have been working on for awhile--never could get it to turn out right before but some kind of luck was with me and when I completed these dresses--you never really know if a pattern really worked perfectly until then--they were perfect --the back is all lined up, no pulling, no extra tailoring needed--So I count this new pattern as my sewing skill "leveling up" as my video game loving kids would say.