Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Sewing Doll Clothes & Where to Find Cute Print Knits


My latest sewing projects. 
I just wanted to say a word about fabric sourcing, it is very easy to find cute prints in cottons and woven fabrics that suit doll scale sewing--finding knits--that is a whole other story, even if you go to a  fabric store the knits are few and far between and if there are even any prints-they are always too big or too bulky. My best source for cute print knits is children's clothing, I shop the sales racks in Target or any store with a kid's department and buy the largest size available in the print I like-- then cut it up to make doll clothes--these leggings are made from baby onesies. 
I know this will sound weird, but Kerry's zebra undie set are made from a pair of women's underwear--purchased brand new of course--again buy the biggest size available--this fabric came from a pack that was size 4X it had 5 pairs with two cute prints and 3 pretty solid colors and it was only $5 at Walmart, there is plenty of fabric there to make many t shirts, leggings and other doll clothes, also the underwear fabric is lighter weight that say a human T-shirt so is especially suited to sewing doll clothes. Also you can reuse the elastic too. I  recommend to buy brief style as opposed to bikini --you will get more fabric.
Happy Sewing :)

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Bowtique outfits for Crissy dolls

L-R Velvet, Crissy and Cinnamon by Ideal
Vanna (Cinnamon)
Johnnie (Velvet)
I have been sewing again, I made some outfits inspired by the boutique children's wear I see on Etsy and Ebay--I love that stuff! It is so over the top and full of fun. I love the hair bows too--which are a quintessential part of the boutique look, which is why I am calling these outfits "Bowtique" I am definitely going to make more in this style.
My lovely daughter at Halloween wearing the pony-fall I used to re-root Crissy
The tallest blonde doll is one that I re-rooted last week with the hair from one of those clip in pony tails--one I actually bought my daughter to wear last Halloween  - I love the way it turned out. I have yet to name this girl--but I am thinking Cheryl-she reminds me a bit of Cheryl Ladd. The tutorial for the ruched bias tape on the front of Crissy's dress is super easy to follow and makes a really beautiful embellishment I found it on Rose Rushbrooke dot com.

Cheryl? (Crissy)
  I also found one of the best tutorials since I started making doll clothes. How to make the perfect tiny bow. like the little pink ones on Velvet's top) I never put bows on my doll clothes before because they always turned out lopsided or lumpy or just plain ugly, but these tutorial make it so easy--you can see I have many bows on these outfits. There are tons of these tutorials --I found these two really easy to use:
Sam and Hailey Designs-- scroll down --it is tutorial#2, she has a great tiny pom pom Tutorial too. Here is a YouTube video on how to make the tiny bows by Pinkscrapper99.