Sunday, May 27, 2012

Interview with a Doll Collector #2 Angie Yohn

Interview with a Doll Collector #2 

Angie Yohn

     I met Angie Yohn through my friend Kristi (subject of my last interview), Kristi and Angie are in the same Doll Club in Washington. Kristi highly recommended I have a look at Angie's work--one look and I was truly amazed, the wigs, and the repaints and the jewelry.... and the shoes--and Oh my goodness, the photos ........

Thursday, May 17, 2012

More sewing for Ideal dolls

Panda PJs

Raven and Annabelle  (Ideal Kerry and Crissy Reroots/Repaints)

I have been sewing up a storm! I really missed it and I finished another set of Pj's for Cinnamon and also made some "Nerdy" outfits for Crissy too--based on one of my fave TV shows--see if you can guess which one :) I am quite please with my Nintendo controller belt buckle it is just a piece of cork with a picture of the controller decoupaged on, I tried to hot glue it to the belt --but hot glue does not stick to cork--who knew? So I attached it with wire rings--hard to explain but seems very sturdy-it's not going anywhere.
These dolls are Ideal Crissy Family dolls from the 70's, they are 17.5" tall and a blast to sew for, these have been modified with reroots/repaints or new eyes by me. These are two of my favorite dolls--they are permanent staff here. The little one-she is a normal Ideal Cinnamon.
I tried to reply to comments on my last post and Blogger thinks I am not logged in even when I log in-But thanks for the lovely comments and I do plan on re-doing the giveaway--the fact is that the movers packed everything so fast even though I had set it aside-No way my hubby was going to let me make them unpack the crate to get it back. So I apologize to all entrants and I will redraw the second winner --I just have to find the prizes on this side.

Sunday, May 13, 2012

I'm Back!

Vanna and Ginger modeling new PJ's
We are finally all settled in to our new home in Sunny California--actually compared to Very Sunny Hawaii--it's not so sunny, but we are all moved in, our new town is beautiful and I finally had a chance to sew yesterday for the first time in what seems likes months! Here's what I did, even had time to list it on Ebay! Whoohoo haven't done that in a while either. I have a couple months off before I go back to school full time in the fall so I think I am going to be doing a bit more more sewing and Ebay-ing during these months.