Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Giveaway 1 Winner!!

Sorry for the delay! The winner for giveaway one-the Tom Tierney paper dolls is ...drum roll please...:)   Betty! I found more Lonely Doll books as well so you will be getting one of those too!
Giveaway 2 will be drawn on 17 March so there is still time to enter here-and everyone who already entered is already in that give away too -so no need to re-enter.
Betty --please email me at cyndyanadoll @ hotmail with your address and I get these goodies on their way to you.

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Interview With a Doll Collector- Kristi Stovin

 I met Kristi Stovin about 8 years ago via an on line doll group and we have corresponded for years on doll related topics on and off--mostly me trying to get tips on how she makes the incredible dolls shoes she makes :) (she is known as the Crissy Cobbler) about three years ago we started talking much more often and really became fast friends, Kristi even stopped by to visit me when she took a vacation in Hawaii a couple of years ago between sightseeing and cage diving with sharks (!) Kristi is someone I really admire, her work is gorgeous and inspired and She's my BFF :) So she was my obvious pick for my first "Interview With a Doll Collector" post. I want to make this a regular feature on my blog and I hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoy showcasing talented and amazing doll collectors.
Kat, a custom Ideal Crissy by Kristi.  Look at that incredible reroot!

Giveaway Update

Only three hours left to enter and win HERE for the Tom Tierney Fashion Designers of the 70's Paper Dolls. Your odds are really good--only 5 entrants so far! Stop by and Enter--I am thinking about putting a little something extra in for the winner I have been finding all kinds of interesting things that I forgot I had as I pack up the doll room for my upcoming move....

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Spring Cleaning in the Doll Room

Well, I missed my Project Project Runway challenge last week because when I went to select some fabrics I decided to do something instead about the state of my fabric storage. I wish I had a before picture--but trust me it was a big mess, my fabric collection resides in 4 large plastic containers, at one point sorted by color and stashed inside zip lock bags, lately though as I have been sewing a lot they have been getting messier and messier --so I got rather involved for hours sorting them out. I just stood the containers on their ends vertically and folded everything as neatly as I could so there was one end with a neat fold and started stacking them up neat fold to the front. I like how they turned out because now I can see what I have at a glance. Here are the results with my prints--I sorted the solid colors too but the photos weren't nearly as interesting :). Here are some photos of my Sewing/Doll room too, I will miss it when we move in a month-hopefully I will get an even better one--hard to imagine for me--because this is the biggest best sewing room I have ever had--I have two work tables in here and a whole closet for storage too--there are benefits from children growing up and moving out:)-I would say ignore the mess--but this is actually very straightened up for me :) and the fabric is all neatly folded and organized and calling my name-maybe I will make up my missing PPR challenge today. I am also soon starting a recurring article "Interview with a Doll Collector" I have my first Interviewee all lined up-stop back by and check it out. Have a great Weekend and Don't forget to enter my Giveaway !

Friday, March 2, 2012

Giveaway 70's Fashions Paper Dolls and The Lonely Doll Book


Prize 1--Tom Tierney's Great Fashion Designs of the Seventies Paper dolls, Brand New has two gorgeous models and thirty iconic 70's outfits. The outfits include those by designers Bill Blass, Mary Quant, YSL, Dior, Chloe, Laura Ashley, on and on... I have one of these from each decade--I them use as design reference books. If you have never seen Tom Tierney's paper dolls-they are very high quality-not just amazing artwork but printed on very heavy, high quality paper.
All of the outfits have the name of the designer and year underneath-I accidently cut that off in the photos.

Prize 2--Book "The Lonely Doll" by Dare Wright - This is one of the Edith and the Bears books and the mother of all doll diorama photos :0) The Lonely doll is actually Dare Wright's first Edith book written and photographed in 1957. Edith is such a darling doll and Dare Wright such an interesting woman. This is a brand new soft bound version. This book is a super adorable story and has great ideas for doll photography too.

Sorry for the poor photos--bad light and the book kept closing :) but there are photos on every page.

If you would like to enter just be a follower of my blog "Dolls and Pretty Things"-(you're here) and make a comment below, if you want an extra chance to win you can follow me on Facebook and leave a comment over there as well. There is a link to my Facebook page in the right margin of this page.

Entry Rules and stuff :) :

First winner will be picked on March 10, the second March 17, anyone who enters by March 10 at 1200 noon Hawaii Time will be eligible for that drawing and also be eligible for the second drawing, for the second drawing you must enter by 1200 noon Hawaii Time by 17 March or before, the winner of the first drawing will be reentered in the second as well. So you can win more than one prize.Anyone can enter-I will ship the prize to US or Overseas.