Thursday, February 23, 2012

Project Project Runway Challenge 7 Putting on the Glitz

Challenge 7--Sheesh! How many more??! :O) ---I really am still enjoying it very much. My favorite part is seeing everyone's garments at the end and the unique way in which everyone takes on the challenge. It is just awesome how inspired, talented and creative these doll designers are!
This challenge was to make a rich looking outfit for a character in Godspell, a Broadway play. The challenge was called "Puttin' on the Glitz". This one was hard for me because I have never seen Godspell and have no idea of the era, or the personal story of the character we are designing for, all I know is that she likes to show off her wealth. There mentions made of needing separates on stage and something about thrift store and vintage as well--Austin kept saying "conspicuous consumption"--A LOT -I think he just like saying it (he's so cute!)? So, needless to say I am a bit confused on this one. So I just went with my "rich" palette of fabrics black, animal print and gold. Here's what I made --I hope it is rich enough that I can go another week. (just kidding-no one's getting kicked out-this is a non-competitive competition). As usual I am one of the last to put up my photos--I guess no one else is in a later time zone than Hawaii. As for the Human Project Runway--I am still rooting for Austin Scarlet, but I really liked Micheal's outfit in this challenge the best--Mondo's was my second choice.
Here are the doll designer's photos on Flickr.

Monday, February 20, 2012

Lonely Lisa Make-Over Update

I finished the re-root and almost finished her dress as well--I still have a few embellishments in mind, but could not resist sharing a photo, now. I still have to make pantaloons, tights and fix her missing eyebrow and really take time doing her hair. I think she is turning out really cute--and somehow I actually had a pair of black patent Mary Jane shoes that fit her perfectly! I used an older McCall's 18" Betsy McCall pattern (8139) as a basis for her dress-though I changed the skirt and sleeves a bit. The fabric I was originally using was navy blue, but it did not quite go with her --so I went brighter, she is a 60's doll and green and orange always remind me a bit of that decade. Final project photos sometime this week :) Her little friend is Angel Dal Amy.

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Lonely Lisa Reroot Progress

Using the blunt end of a wooden chopstick, from the inside of the head, really helps get every last stubborn hair plug out and no danger of ripping the vinyl, after removing all the hair I recommend a dunk in almost boiling water to tighten up the holes in preparation for re-rooting.

SO cute--even bald :) If I was using dark hair I would paint her scalp--but no need with the white hair.

About 2/3's of the way done!

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Project Project Runway 6

This week's runway was a fashion face off, two designers were picked to make a sports wear outfit for each of the four seasons. We doll designers had a little more leeway-we got to pick our own season. Part of the challenge is to know who your girl is and where she is going.
Here is my girl, she is graphics arts student, she has a pierced eyebrow ( try to visualize it--I am not going to pierce Fay --LOL), she is going a Summer weekend trip with her girlfriends to Las Vegas and this is one of the outfits she has brought for going out to the clubs and casinos. The halter top is navy blue and the skirt is a predominately olive colored TokiDoki print with touches of peach, pink, and brown. I Love this fabric!  From a distance it has a tropical feel but up close is more graphic-it is hard to use such a large scale of fabric on a doll this size-but I think it works here--she is a graphic designer after all :)- I always buy these fabrics because I just love them and usually I end up making PJ's for my dolls with them-because I think you can get away with big prints on PJs --I also sometimes cut out the shapes or characters and use them as applique on T shirts. This outfit would be better if I had lined the halter, but I did not want to try and turn this fabric it has a bit of a big weave to it and I knew it would fall apart in the turning-and it was the only shade of fabric I had that felt right with the print. Here are more doll fashions by the awesome PPR designers.

Friday, February 10, 2012

Royal Doll Lonely Lisa

I bought three new dolls and I finally can check Royal's Joy and Lonely Lisa off my wish list! I am very excited to get these girls and have so many plans for them. These girls are very iconic of the 60's and 70's big eye era and do look very much like Margaret Keane's work as well. I do Love the big eyes waifs. There are actually two versions of Lonely Lisa one was made in 1964 (like mine) and the other  in 1972, the overall look is the same, but the 1964 doll has a bit finer quality. My girls showed up in excellent condition too, but in spite of that I have decide to do a make over on them. Starting with the 20" Lisa --I am going to re root her, I am thinking in Snow White Kanekelon hair and maybe change her eye color, I have already started a little girl dress for her--in a cute Japanese fabric--navy blue with rabbits, that has been too large scale to use until now. For little Lisa, the 15" one, I think I am going to make her a Mohair wig--also in white, I think I will dress her in pastels--I recently rewatched "Amadeus"--and I am in love with the powdered wigs and the over to top lavish Georgian era dresses in that movie--so pretty and fabulous--that is kind of the feel I want little Lisa to have--but in a young girl style-if that makes any sense, I think it will complement their sad faces and long necks. I bought these dolls from my friend, Sue, who I have know for many years, through doll collecting. She is also a really awesome dolly seamstress. Here is a link to her dolls for sell, I warn they are a pretty amazing collection of dolls-- the Vouge Brikette is to die can contact Sue through as well.

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Project Project Runway 5: Clothes off your Back

I waited and waited to start sewing again this week, mostly because I GOT FABULOUS NEW DOLLS and I was sewing for them! (more on that later), But also because this weeks challenge was a little tricky--aren't they all?--the challenge was to find a muse and design a fashion forward outfit inspired by them, the outfit must be made of at least 50% of the muse's outfit, for our challenge we could select either a real person or a doll and their outfit. I decided to use my model's outfit from the last challenge (Good Taste Tastes Good Challenge) as my muse.
I used the skirt (by the way, this is the same skirt as in my pencil skirt tutorial) and cut off the bottom to make the bodice top and just added some ribbon embellishments. I don't know if it is fashion forward but my long drawn out explanation of why this reflects my muse it that: 1. It is a summer-y look--Ice Cream is a summer-y thing, 2. The bow in her hair represents the head scarf, and 3. The ruffle across the front of the skirt is inspired by the draping of the over skirt on the previous outfit. I know it is quite a reach--but I am tired-I had a Mid-term this morning :). Where the other look seemed more serious to me this one is more playful and light--and I changed her wig from brunette to blonde to reflect this too. (These are Moxie Teenz wigs--and after a bit of surgery they will fit Ellowyne size dolls) Anyways I figure she could take a stroll along the boardwalk and have some ice cream in this outfit--I even made an ice cream cone :) See the other fashion doll designer's gorgeous work here.

Monday, February 6, 2012

Pencil Skirt Tutorial Part II Sewing the Skirt

Pencil Skirt Tutorial Part II Sewing the Skirt

Now we are going to use the pattern pieces we made Part I of the Pencil Skirt Tutorial, I know this looks like a big project but it really is not, I used lots of photos to make it easier for the beginning seamstress.

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Doll Pencil Skirt Tutorial Part I: Patterning

Welcome to my Pencil Skirt Tutorial! PART I Doll Pencil Skirt Pattern Making

This is the pencil skirt, it can be customized in many ways. 

This tutorial was done using a Moxie Teenz doll, though it will work for any doll with similar proportions to Moxie Teenz: flat stomach and somewhat to well defined hips and waist, This will probably not work well or look great on pot belly dolls like babies or toddler style dolls. The pencil skirt is very versatile, it can be embellished in many ways, it can look sporty as above with some top stitching or made longer with an added flounce to make a mermaid skirt, it also can be shortened to become a mini skirt. It can be made in many types of fabrics as well, from silks to cotton in solids or prints. It has been an essential pattern in my pattern collection.

Friday, February 3, 2012

Sewing for Moxie Teenz

"cupcake" skirt modeled by Melrose



Bijou is a Katy Perry fan (me too)


I know my blog has been dominated by Project Project Runway lately (it is so fun!) but I have been sewing for other dolls besides my PPR model. I made some pencil skirts and dolman sleeve tops for my Moxie Teenz and also one "cupcake skirt" too, this is a pattern I have been trying to figure out for a long while-just a glimpse here because I still need to finish off the outfit. I am going to try to post a tutorial for the pencil skirt and top which are really easy to make--including how to make the pattern--so you can make it for any doll, hopefully it will be up by Monday.  Let me know what you think:) Speaking of letting me know--I have been trying to leave comments on many of my followed dolly blogs but they seem to evaporate into thin air once I hit the "post comment" button. I don't know what is going on with blogger, hopefully it is fixed soon! SO if you are not getting my comments--it is not for lack of my LOVING your projects--cuz I do :)

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Project Project Runway 4 Good Taste Tastes Good

This weeks challenge on Project Project Runway was to make an outfit inspired by a gelato flavor. There is was list of flavors and I chose Madagascar Vanilla because I have lots of vanilla colored fabrics. But I had no real ideas about Madagascar.

I found a photo of Madagascar traditional dress and even though the beautiful women of Madagascar wear bright prints, I changed mine into shades of Vanilla for the challenge. I tried to drape the skirt in the shape of an ice cream cone as well to further the ice cream connection. All the photos I saw of the women of Madagascar they were also wearing head scarfs so I incorporated that too. I tried to keep it modern by putting a simple strapless top and pencil skirt underneath with just the tiniest bit of midriff showing.
Another part of the challenge was completing the outfit in 60 minutes that is why there are no finished hems on this garment! I do sew nearly everyday so I can be pretty fast when I need to be and I also used patterns I had already made some time ago for the skirt and top.
I kind of like it :) My feeling is that there is something missing and that something might be COLOR.
I think I would have been happier to make a straightforward American style Vanilla ice cream dress--then I would have put sprinkles, in the form of multi color beads, all over the top and used a darker brown color fabric on the draped part of the skirt..then she would truly look like an ice cream cone! Oh wait, maybe that would not be too tasteful....
All the Fabulous designs by the fabulous doll designers in this weeks challenge are here.