Friday, December 30, 2011

After Christmas Present Giveaway Winner!

Rosebud and Rex are doing the honors-and I just noticed that they are both looking a little sketchy--perhaps they wanted to win themselves! But they didn't...the winner of the Re-ment I Love Hawaii sets is ... AudraBark1 of "dollies with holes in their stockings" and "dolly fever" ! Which are both awesome--I love Audra's writing-- she has great wit and also lovely dolls, if you haven't already you should definitely check them out!
Thank you so much to everyone who entered and for looking at my blog and sharing yours.
Audra --please email me at cyndyanadoll at hotmail with your address and I will get a bit of Hawaii sent your way.

Monday, December 26, 2011

Ai Gloxinia

Christmas was lovely and quiet at our house and brought a few new additions to my doll collection (Thank you, Honey! ). This is Ai doll Gloxinia  by Groove toys (formerly Jun Planning), she is 12.5 cm tall. Groove is the same company that markets J doll and the Pullip line. Gloxinia arrived packaged in a very sturdy, white, embossed, book-style box, with compartments for all of the outfit accessories and a small box of flesh colored eye putty.  There are 3 different face styles for the Ai dolls and each doll represents a flower, in this case a Gloxinia and I can see the resemblance, especially in her dress. She seems to be the only one with this face style currently available.

I adore her. I have been wanting a tiny BJD for sometime and have been looking. I have been a bit picky in choosing one that has the right combination of cute face and not too clunky body--that I can afford and is available, which I have found to be a tall order in the world of tinies. Ai dolls are "big-splurge affordable" for me-- for the current line.  Glox appeals to me for all these reasons-I love her cute little face and her red hair-her tiny little body is perfectly proportioned. I am not in love with her outfit, it is super well made and intricate, but not my style really. I can imagine her in a simple little floral dress and a sweater and once I get there on the "To Do" queue she will have it. What a cutie!

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Giveaway! An After Christmas Present

    I have a little after Christmas Present to give. I love finding new blogs to read--I look at the blog reader like it is my daily newspaper--a happy, pretty newspaper with all the topics I love the most-dolls, crafts, yummy food, sewing, decorating, gorgeous photography, fashion, entertaining, art, musings much inspiration and creativity-- I can't get enough of them!
If you want to participate in the giveaway, just follow my blog, and post a comment on this post with a link to your blog (if you have one, not necessary to win). If you already follow my blog-Thank you!! Thank you! and please enter--and if I am already following yours post a link anyway so more people can find it too!

The prize is a 3 complete sets of Re-ment miniatures from the I Love Hawaii series, sets #3, #5 and #8 you can see them here on Re-ment's website as well. They are not in the box but all in the original cello packaging.
Includes:  Set#3 Ukulele, flower Lei, pink slippers, tropical drink
               Set #8 Golf Bag, golf clubs, visor, golf ball score card
               Set #5 Bikini, flippers, mask and snorkel
               Bonus! Teeny bag of Kona coffee, can of Macadamia nuts and bottle of 
                            Guava sauce from set #7 too!
Re-ment are incredibly detailed miniatures-and you do not need to be a doll or miniature enthusiast to like them, but they are about 1:6 scale.

Any one who enters by 3 pm Hawaii Time on 29 December will eligible to win. I will draw the winner randomly on the 30th of December and the winner will receive a little after Christmas cheer from Hawaii! I will post the winner the same day.

Monday, December 19, 2011

Steampunk Frankie and Beach Boy Gavin

Yes, Yes I did fall down a well. Well not really, but no matter I am back on track now. I have been working on my friend's Steampunk outfit and also on my next Gavin and here is a bit of update on both.
As far as Frankie's costume goes well she has been sort of a difficult subject, she is tiny for one thing and has a bit of scoliosis so she is hard to get a fit just right, I am a self taught seamstress and it takes me a while sometimes to adapt to new figures but I am still working on it here is a preview on my own Frankie--it took on a life of its own and strayed very far from the original drawing but I think it is starting to look pretty good. Ignore all the little threads--it has a few hours left in production... I have been dying to use this bird print sheer fabric since I bought it a year ago too, I think it suits both Frankie and the Steampunk theme pretty well.

As far as Gavin goes, (he is going to be a surfer boy and will be named Bohdi) he has been de-haired and I changed his eyes to light gold, here he is with his re-rooting hair, this is my first attempt re-rooting with mohair--it is so gorgeous and soft, he only has two plugs in so far. I have no idea what I am doing but it may work out.