Thursday, November 24, 2011

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Giveaway at Plushpussycat!!

Plushpussycat is having a give away for some adorable miniatures on her blog, check it out as well as her fantabulous blog!

Ceramics 101...well actually ART105B

I took a ceramics class a couple of semesters ago and I thought I would share my favorite project--this is really one of two that turned out OK, the last two projects. I really did not get the hang of hand building until the end of the semester and these were sort of free-builds--we could chose what ever we wanted--I tend to work better that way. I decided not to finish this with any glaze, the glazes in the classroom were very unpredictable and more often than not, no matter the color, they turned out a very bad shade of brown.

 This is my interpretation of an ancient Cypriot double spout ritual jug. I was so intrigued by the original--dated from 2100 BC, with all of it's little doll like figures. I added a few different figures to mine...
The ancient traveler, talking on a cell phone :) and
my kids playing ball with my poodles :) It's a keeper. Some of the other projects I made are sitting in the Goodwill down the street... maybe someone will need them for target practice or a brown mosaic...

Monday, November 21, 2011

Darling of the Day--Momji Lucky

The newest addition to my growing Maneki Neko Collection--Momji Lucky Message Doll. She makes me smile and I think she may be the cutest one in the collection.

Monday, November 14, 2011

Drum roll Please.... Presenting... Albert!

He's finished and has been introduced to all his new friends! The girls really took to him, but Gavin thinks he is just "OK".

I made this outfit for him, I think I will make him a black short sleeved t shirt to go with the pants--that way the outfit will look better with the black shoes. Does any doll share a shoe size with Gavin? I wonder if the Monster High boy dolls do? I would love to know what anyone thinks of my new Albert!

Thursday, November 10, 2011

A Bit Gavin Update a Bit Sightseeing

Pretty sails against a sun-washed blue sky. Packing lightly equals no telephoto lens handy!
This pretty peace sign was on the Beach at Camp Erdman when we got there.
Louis Vuitton Window at Ala Moana Center

I have been working on Gavin--I removed his eyebrows (again--I smudged them--always in a hurry (0: ). I also did the flocking--I ended up using a mixture of the flocking I had on hand --and the color turned out exactly how I wanted it YaY!. I have been out and about on our beautiful island this week as my sister is visiting from the mainland and despite the APEC conference and the partially rainy weather we have done a lot. Gavin's second coat of flocking is drying now and I even found time to make him a new outfit so I will have a photo update very soon--right after I redo his eyebrows.