Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Dreams of Furga

I LOVE Furga dolls! Furga was an Italian company that made a lot of dolls in the 60's and 70's and they were always my favorites in the big Wishbook catalogs at the time-they just have such sweet faces! If you have seen a Furga first hand you know that the eyelashes can get a bit outrageous though it's part of their charm. My obsession is with the Alta Moda S girls--but they are so far out of reach at the moment. I do have Simona and I think I might sew up an outfit for her today. These angels are two late 60's-early 70's girls. I looked through old Wishbooks online for to pin down their names --Rita and Carlotta. They were originally wearing fantastically horrible granny dresses and bonnets, never a look I loved,  but I love their faces (that is my only collecting criteria afterall), the brunette really needs a reroot as her hair falls out in chunks every time I brush it... she's on the list...
I currently have 5 Furga dolls in my collection, Rita (the brunette here), Carlotta (pretty sure she is Carlotta, she is the blonde here) Alta Moda Simona,  a Lisa Jean and an odd large toddler doll.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Cupcakes and cute rooms

I made these cupcakes and I would love to eat them in a room that matches--pale pink, black and white.
 I have been searching for cute furniture to inspire my doll furniture making and came across this. Both my daughter and I actually screamed when we saw this super cute room.  So many cute decorating ideas and inspiration here!

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Doll Furniture

My new passion (they change daily!) is doll furniture, it started as wanting to create a backdrop for doll photos of Ellowyne and friends and then I needed wall paper (got it--Martha Stewart wrapping paper on clearance at Target) some accessories (got some--dresser, shelf-repurposed odds and ends from Goodwill--Re ment odds and ends borrowed from my daughter) but no where to sit!! so after pricing some to scale furniture--and they are few and far between--they were way outta my price range, I decided to make a chair and now I want to make more!!
Prudence Moody and Dal Melize and my chair!

Friday, March 4, 2011

One that Got Away and Some on Their Way

I was thinking lately about some dolls I wish I had bought and now are no longer availiable or too crazy expensive. At the top of the list, Tonner's first Ellowyne titled "Her Reluctant Debut".  I first saw as a drawing in Haute Doll magazine before her debut. Wish I had bought her, I remember repeatedly visiting her on the FAO Schwarz website and letting her price stop me everytime--now if one is to be found at all she is 5 times more. She is exquisite, and I would have gotten the Melancholy Melody outfit as well!
But on to Happier topics, I am a big fan of Amazon and one item that has been in my Amazon shopping cart for alomst two years now is Dal Melize, this week I was browsing the website and when I went to my cart there she was; my cart mascot and next to her "Only 1 Left" I hit the panic button--and now she is on her way to me along with a couple of teeny too cute to pass up Angel Dals.