Sunday, June 15, 2014

April May and June Definitely

Hi! I know I have been gone a while and this has derailed my doll a month resolution.
I lost my sister in April and in April and May grieved and cried rivers and oceans and hurt and yearned to have her back.
In May I also spent way to many hours fighting a ridiculous decision by my University that could have delayed my finishing my degree by a year or more. I won that one.
 In June I still grieve for my sister and will always the rest of my life I am sure, but the creative impulse is slowly returning and I will be back with more posts this summer and at least once a month, I am paroling myself from the doll a month promise, things like this should not be guilt inducing deadlines-but joy and fun and so maybe I will try again next year. For now back to sharing all the little pleasure and accomplishments.
My sister as a young girl in the late 1970's. That smile.

Sunday, March 30, 2014

March Doll Make-Over Disney's Ariel

For March's doll had a look in my doll bins. This is where dolls I could not resist, but do not really fit in my collection, reside at the moment. This is a Disney Princess Ariel. I purchased her from a thrift shop when I was living in Hawaii. I tried to figure out what issue she is,--but could not as of yet, can't seem to find another online that is just like her.
Not sure of the version, but this Ariel has positional wrists. She cost a dollar--which is why I could not pass her up. One additional lesson learned here, I should have taken off that sticker on her belly after I bought her--I took it off today (2 years later) and found the ink had bled through to make a permanent "$1.00" tattoo on her belly.

Her face is sparkly--I don't know if she came that way or her previous little mother gave her some make-up. She looks a little wan here, I think her eye color is much more flattering.

Here's her after photo. This is another "light" make over. I washed her up, repainted her eyes to a pretty olive and fawn color (right on top of the old paint and then sealed it), washed and brushed out her gorgeous hair--look how fluffy! I also made her an outfit. This pattern is a slightly modified Vintage Crissy pattern --Simplicity 5276.

Would love to find shoes for her--or I guess I could make some--grrrr-not my favorite craft.

This little sweetie is going up on the shelf. I really love how she turned out. I do have a couple more Disney Princesses in my collection--I have the Animator's Series Toddlers--Tiana and Tangled and I have Princess and Me Cinderella. They are all so cute --may have to drag them out of the bins and make them some clothes too--they don't need make-overs--but not putting them up  in their shiny princess satins (!) I bought them new from, in a moment of weakness, if you check often you can often find great sales.

Sunday, March 16, 2014

February Doll Make-over

I know it is the middle of March :). School (I am going "back" to school at my old-ish age to become a teacher) really had me bogged down last two months and so I missed a doll in my doll a month--- So instead of not having a doll make over (I didn't) I have done two dolls with "light" make-overs :) (I do now) get it? Me neither !

So here are two of the lovely Furga Alta Moda dolls I got a few months ago and here is the info on their "light" make-overs.


Susanna is bald--(still trying to find the best type of hair for her re-root) and her eyes were very etched--she had great lashes but no salvaging them when removing the eyes. I did replace her eyes with new ones from mimiwoo on Ebay, half round 20mm eyes fit her perfect.
I chose to give her a "looking up" gaze instead of her normal forward or side glancing eyes--I think it looks so cute on her. But this can be easily changed by warming up her head and moving them again.
 I kinda like her without eyelashes....but will probably get some for her...maybe.
Her dress is from Fashion Friends and it is amazingly awesome--though she does not fit the shoes that came with it.


I washed Simona and brushed her hair--this is an outfit I made a while back :)--that make over was so "light" it was almost invisible!! LOL-but she is not laying nekky on the sewing table anymore.
I am looking for info on how to fix her case of "little brother"--her torso is covered with pin holes--someone used her as a voodoo doll! She also has many on her face--thinking of trying heat to melt them closed...any ideas? 
You can see a few of her pin holes here--they are also on her forehead and all over her torso.


Monday, January 20, 2014

January's Doll Ideal Velvet "Swanhilda"

 So here is my Ideal Velvet, she had a haircut before she came to me and needed a new hairstyle. I decided to try and do dred (or is it dread?) locks. I wanted her to have a sweet sort of Boho look and I chose  pink ice, lavender, and baby blue hair. Originally I was going to re-root her in blonde and add the colors too the front and top only, then I saw the hair and it was so amazing I thought I would just do her whole head in pink with a touch of purple. I got the hair from Doctored Locks it is weaving hair, Kanekalon jumbo braid. I was expecting a coarse brittle hair, as I used some hair labeled similarly a long time ago and did not like it---but I was impressed--this stuff is soft, brush-able with a gorgeous loose kink to it--just lovely! I also use Doctored Locks tutorial videos to make my dred locks.
 Above is a close up of Velvet's scalp after I removed the hair--see the big holes? Below is after I dunked her head in near boiling water to shrink the holes-it makes a big difference in the amount of hair you use and the makes rerooting easier particularly in the part line.
 Below are in-process shots of the reroot- I like to figure out before hand where I am going to place the colors-I actually changed my mind about the blue and removed the paint with Acetone and repainted it pink. Painting also helps the scalp not show through and call attention to the hair plugs.

I changed her eyes out--this is quite a difficult job on a Velvet doll, you have to get the head very very pliable with hot water and then push them out from inside the head---but that is much easier than putting the new ones in---you just got shove them in and it is HARD to do and you risk breaking them--but eventually I got them in. You could cut the plastic socket open and put them in from inside--much easier--but hard to get them to just right that way--rubber caulking  helps hold them in if you do it that way.

I got these hand painted sleep eyes from thecrissycobbler on Ebay and she is my friend so I just told her I want some "sea green beachy-peachy" eyes--and she so gets what I mean!
I also gave her some more eyelashes and changed her brows up a bit too--she has her original lip color.

I still hope to make her an outfit before the month is out but for now I just did some thrift shopping in my doll clothes bin for anything that would suit her Boho vibe.

Thursday, January 9, 2014

My Doll a Month Resolution

Well Happy New Year! Things have been a little frenetic here in my Dolly World as I am trying to wrap up and prioritize my projects as I start back to work after a three week break --and back to college after a two month break--this means not much Dolly time for me for the next half a year but I have sill-illy made a resolution to customize one doll a month --ALL YEAR! But, I have front loaded this resolution with some great ideas and great dolls that need make overs.

I have already started January's doll, Her name is Swanhilda, she is an Ideal Velvet, I repainted her and re-rooted her and also gave her a few dread locks--she still needs an outfit which I will find a way to finish before the end of January.
When she is done I plan to do a feature post on her and how she was customized.

The next dollies in the resolution line-up are the Furga Alta Moda dolls I got just before Christmas.
 Sylvie was in pretty great shape, I made her a dress using a vintage Simplicity Crissy pattern--they wear the same size in dresses (Crissy is a bit taller so pants need to be shortened.) Her hair is a bit fuzzy so someday I may reroot her. I did replace her eyelashes.
 These gorgeous gals have their original lashes--still debating keeping them or replacing them--I'm not a huge fan of the floss but they are iconic to these dolls, so gotta think about it. The Simona on the right is #3 on the resolution list, or March's girl. She is getting a reroot--always wanted a Simona with bad hair to reroot--this is her. Lefty here is a pretty much a perfect HTF Ash blonde version of Simona-she completes my Simona collection within a collection of S Girls.

This is Susanna!! I have wanted her for SO LONG!! She is #2 on the reso-listion, February's girl.
I already removed her eyes-(dunk head in VERY hot water and pry out with orangewood stick)-which were etched beyond repair--probably by someone cleaning them with a caustic chemical cleaner, her floss lashes had to come out as well of course. I ordered her some eyes already 20mm half round--hoping those work. She arrived with a pretty wig, but bald underneath and I do plan on rerooting her--in Saran as it only seems right to use saran on her. She's had a lip repaint--but I am kinda liking it...

SO I have a lot of projects, but I have given myself a lot of time to do them, one a month is not bad is it? I hope I am not later scrambling to catch up.

Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Holiday Sewing for Ideal Crissy Family dolls

Here is a bit of what I have been sewing this month. Dresses for the little girls--Ideal's Velvet--these are my favorites :)

You click on any photo for BIG photos :)

A two piece set inspired by boutique children's clothes. Ideal Crissy (Cheryl) and Horseman's Pert and Pretty model.

Posing at the Christmas Pageant-- hats or crazy hair required.

One pattern for all, except the elf-y dress, just different fabric and ribbons. (L-R Zoey, Annabelle, Raven and Marcia)

This mini dress was made with the tunic pattern from vintage Simplicity Crissy doll pattern 9138 view 5, only I added a bit of length.

Zoey--she looks so good in the Party City sparkly cowboy hat!

Merry Christmas!

These crowns are from Target's kid-party section and cut down to size.

Happy New Year from me and my dolls to you and yours!!!

Monday, November 25, 2013

My Collection: Blythe and Her Clones

I Love Blythe, who does not?
Those eyes!
That expression!
Her customizable-ness! I don't really collect dolls that I don't sew for, and Blythe is too tiny for my sewing skills, patience level and rickety sewing machine. (Maybe I will try again now that I have a new machine.)
 Still, I cannot resist Blythe. I have a few Blythes in my doll collection: 3 "real" Blythes--Kenner (Thanks Sis!), an Ashton Drake and a Takara  and 3 knock-offs-- 2 Basaaks and a Belle Girl (one Middie knock off as well).
My eye-change girls. Belle Girls' eyes do not change, she has a look that I cannot quite love, but she is interesting. Not pictured is my Ashton Drake Redhead--she is in a box dissembled--I chickened out sometime ago after I took her apart, I want to customize her--someday. I am looking for a "ducky-mouth" tutorial if anyone knows of a good one.

My Middie Clone, a poor clone in that her eyes do not change and she is as cheap as they get--plus she seems a little ..well...hoochie to me, I got her cheap in an Ebay lot with her redhead sister.

 My only custom girl is a Basaak, customized by UniqueDoll on Etsy. I love her, she has oodles of personality. Every time I see her I want to give her a reassuring pat on the head.

My dolls all are wearing clothes by Ebay store Ninabella9 which make AMAZING Blythe clothes--super high quality and they always throw in freebies. They have awesome prices and fast shipping, even from Singapore. No one paid me to say that, or asked me to say that; I just find it is very rare to get such exceptional service and wanted to pass it on.

One of my new sources of doll inspiration is to search "Blythe" on Pinterest--I could live there :). Only give it a try if you have a few hours.